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Weakauras buff duration

Idtip is more reliable, however, and takes out all the guesswork in the event of multiple matches for a search on Wowhead. Open up your spellbook and go to your spells for a buff ability.

I gave mine a 1 at the start so it would sit at the top of my other Weakauras, which are sorted alphabetically. You should see a number of matches pop up, and it should also fill in the icon both in your list and in the center of your screen. No, seriously. That icon will show you how long you have remaining on a given buff in both a clock-like timer and a second timer. You can use this to track personal buffs, food buffs, potions, bloodlust, and more.

Addon Spotlight: Buff monitoring with Weak Auras

The possibilities are nigh unlimited. Try tracking your racial ability found under your General spellbook as they tend to have long cooldowns and work well for this example. This is actually going to consist of 2 different weakauras, so first, create a group! Next, create another Icon as before, and go to Trigger. This will show the clock dooldown, timer in seconds, and have the picture start dark and get lighter more of the icon is revealed the closer to 0 you are.

weakauras buff duration

Go to Trigger. Add in your spell ID. This time, scroll all the way to the bottom. Scroll down. Your icons will look something like this when used…. You can center the text or make it larger. If you have healthstones on you, you can find the ID.

Unfortunately, I am not able to test it until later, as I did not have a warlock available. Edit: I tested it successfully! Hopefully, this will give you an idea of some basic ways to utilize weakauras. You can use groups to keep similar things together — all buffs, all debuffs, that sort of thing.

You can denote importance or activity with glows. You can swap around the way an icon cooldown color shows. You can base things on health, abilities, items, and more. You can even get an idea of other weakauras I use from my screenshots. The possibilities are nigh endless! Buff Duration Weakaura Getting Started Open up your spellbook and go to your spells for a buff ability. Display Head back over to Display. Congratulations: you are done! Creating a Group This is actually going to consist of 2 different weakauras, so first, create a group!

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Buff Available Create a new icon, as before. Healthstone Usage Weakaura Yup. We should probably start requiring this one in raids. Create a new Icon as before. Thoughts Hopefully, this will give you an idea of some basic ways to utilize weakauras.Go to Page View First Unread.

Hi, i want to return how much time left on my buff. Lua Code:. Ok but i still get lua errors and a strange behaviour of my bar: Code:.

Last edited by Lybrial : at AM. Re-read the documentation. The 8th return value is a string identifying the unit that cast the buff; the expiration time is arg7.

Weak Auras 2 Nameplate Debuffs

Also, there's really no reason to use select here; it's just slowing things down for no reason. Post all of your actual code! Attach or paste your files. Post a comment or forum thread instead! Originally Posted by Phanx. You're probably getting those errors because you don't currently have the buff active.

I guess WeakAuras can't handle nil values itself I don't actually use it so just return a zero if UnitAura didn't return anything: Code:.

weakauras buff duration

Originally Posted by Lybrial. It is still complaining about the fact that expirationTime is nil while the Blood Shield Buff isnt up. Yes, which is why in the post directly before yours I posted revised versions that will return 0 instead of nil when the buff isn't up If you're still getting that error, then it's not coming from the code snippets I posted, as it's literally not possible for either of those snippets to return a nil value, and the error you posted is being caused by a nil value.

WeakAuras probably wants multiple return values and I have no idea what they're supposed to be start or expiration time and duration, maybe. I'm also pretty sure WA can show you how much time is left on a buff without creating a custom function for it.

Judging by other WA scripts I've seen, and the error above, it appears to want "duration, expirationTime" for the return values. Last edited by semlar : at PM. Originally Posted by semlar. Presumably it should be something like this, but as far as I can tell there isn't any documentation for WeakAuras. Thread Tools. Lybrial A Cliff Giant. Lua get Buff duration Hi, i want to return how much time left on my buff.

Can somebody give a hint? Send a private message to Lybrial. Find More Posts by Lybrial. Rilgamon Premium Member.Way, way back in the last Addon Spotlight, we talked about addons to monitor your debuffs on your target, and after a lengthy hiatus, we're back to look at buffs. Why is buff monitoring a good idea? Well, think of DoT classes. The way the game works is that when you cast a DoT, it will take a snapshot of your current situation, so, if you have a buff up that increases your intellect for a few seconds, such as a weapon enchant, then that intellect increase will be applied to your DoT.

weakauras buff duration

If you refresh that DoT without the intellect proc active, the second DoT will be weaker than the first. The same applies to healing, to general damage, to so many things, so monitoring your buffs is really important. Regardless of what class you play, there will be buffs you want to look out for to make the best of what you're doing.

So how do you watch them?

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With addons, that's how! We're going to take a look at several addons that monitor buffs, and we're going to start with the one I prefer, which is the oddly named Weak Auras. Weak Auras was originally created as an alternative to Power Auras, which, alas, has rather fallen by the wayside of late.

Weak Auras is, therefore, the one to look out for.

weakauras buff duration

We've talked about it before here at Addon Spotlight, but Weak Auras is just so good at tracking buffs we thought it was worth dedicating an article to that specific role. Setting up Weak Auras seems daunting at first, but I promise you that this is really, really easy. You just need someone to tell you how to do it. Above, you can see my shaman with two Weak Auras that relate to buffs in view. The icons for riptide, healing stream totem and chain heal are actually just a bartender action bar that I use to monitor the cooldowns of those three spells, the white ringed things surrounding the actual character are the weak auras.

The two inner rings show that I have two stacks of Tidal Waves, while the outer one that's made of triangles indicates that I am under the influence of Heroism. Now, of course, you don't have to have pretty ring-like things indicating the presence or absence of buffs on yourself. I think the best way to illustrate just how powerful Weak Auras is for this is to walk through the process of creating a buff monitoring Weak Aura. So, let's get started. I tend to go for progress textures for buffs, just because they're what I like, but you can also go for text, icons, or progress bars, whatever you like really.

We're going to do a progress texture first, but I'll show you later how to turn it into a couple of other options. Next up, we're going to position our texture. Head into the Progress Textures section, and the terrible sun aura will appear somewhere inconvenient.

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That isn't a great spot for it. It's totally overlapping the two existing buffs, how tiresome. If you look over to the left-hand side of the Weak Auras panel, you can see there are tiny eyes next to the named displays, clicking those will display or un-display your other auras to aid you with positioning.

Also, I have it on good authority that nobody on the planet uses that terrible sun aura. So let's grab it and drag it around, before we find something prettier to add in.

You'll notice, if you're as obsessive about your UI as I am, that there are positioning sliders and numerical inputs on the Weak Auras screen to allow you to perfectly center things horizontally and vertically. OK, so what you've done to get rid of the sun is clicked the "Choose" button, the left-hand one to be precise, and scrolled through the various auras available until you found one that you liked.

There are various ways to modify these auras once you've picked the one you prefer, and I've chosen a Power Auras one, because my last Weak Auras column resulted in a specific question that related to them. So, just quickly, as an aside, take a look at the image. Do you see how the new aura, the one beneath the adorable shaman, has an ugly black border around it?

Goodness knows why, but for some reason that is the default setting Weak Auras uses for certain displays.User interfaces have changed and morphed over the years. Doing so gives the player an advantage in response time and a less cluttered UI in most cases.

Dynamic Information

Seeing the debuff as well as time left is very helpful no matter if you are playing a tank, DPS or healer. Unfortunately, my normal UI overhaul, ElvUI, does not have this built-in for classic At least as of the last stress test.

I was really missing this feature and did some digging to find a workaround. Enter Weak Auras 2. A powerhouse of an addon that gives users the ability to create all sorts of helpful information More on WA2 in a later post.

The classic version is working wonderfully and we are already seeing some awesome profiles to import and help tune your user interface and gameplay. With this Weak Aura running your enemies will display your debuffs with a swipe timer anchored to, well, you guessed it, their nameplate. To install this WA into your game, simply click the Copy Classic-Weakaura Import String button found on the top right corner of the website. Paste the string in and hit enter. If all goes well you should now have enemy debuffs displaying.In WeakAuras, display types and trigger types are treated as separate entities that can be mixed and matched at will.

However, triggers don't just determine whether a display is visible or not - they can also pass dynamic information to their display. The most common example of this kind of dynamic information is the duration of an aura. An Aura trigger will cause its display to appear on screen when it detects the presence of the specified aura, but it also sends information about the aura's duration to the display.

Not all trigger types provide all four types of information, and not all display types use all four types of information.

In fact, the only trigger type that provides all four types of dynamic info is the Aura type, and the only display type that shows all four types of dynamic info is the Progress Bar type.

If a display uses multiple triggers, it always gets its Dynamic Information from its Main Trigger. Duration Info provides aura types than can display "progress" Icons, Progress Bars, Progress Textures with the info needed to do that. For timed progress you need to provide a duration in seconds and an expiration time relative to the value of GetTime For static progress you need to give the current value and the total or max value.

You also need to return a third arg for static progress, just a true to tell the aura that it is to work as a static type. Where duration is the total duration of the spell you want to track and expirationTime is the time in the future when the buff will expire. Value Based mode simply takes the current value and compares it against the max value to know how far to progress in the aura.

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Icon Info provides an icon that should be associated with the trigger. Triggers that are based on auras, spells, or items almost always provide Icon Info. Displays that show Icon Info always give you the option between using the automatically provided icon, or choosing your own. When using such a display with a trigger that does not provide Icon Info, you will be required to pick your own icon. Occasionally, the icon provided by a trigger will change while it is in use. For example, if you use an Aura trigger and specify multiple aura names, the trigger will provide Icon Info specifically for the aura it currently sees if more than one of the specified auras are detected, the first name in the list will take precedence.

It should be noted that WeakAuras searches for auras by name onlyWoW often defines more than one spell for any given name, and each spell can have a different icon.

Although an aura will provide an icon when it is actually detectedWeakAuras will not always pick the correct icon for the specific aura you want to detect during configuration. The important part of the path can be gained by clicking the icon on the page and copying the contents of the text box.

There is no dynamic info for Textures in a default aura. However, when making a custom aura the return on the Custom Texture Info is the same as in an icon. A texture file path or icon ID can be used. A quick note on custom textures that is image files that you import into WoW and display through WeakAuras :. It's also good practice, though not strictly required, to leave at least a single pixel zero-alpha border around the custom textures.

Name Info provides a name that should be associated with the trigger. Progress Bar is the only display type which uses Name Info by default - it displays it on the left side of the bar. Like Icon Info, you can choose whether you want you use the automatically provided Name Info, or provide your own value.

Name Info is almost always provided in the same cases as Icon Info. If a Progress Bar cannot get Name Info from its trigger, it will use its configuration id the name in the display sidebar.

Stack Info gives count into depending on the trigger used. Most commonly it is the number of stacks an aura has. Custom Overlays can be added to custom triggers in the trigger tab in a similar way to a trigger's other Dynamic Info. When you make a custom trigger there will be a button in the trigger settings called "Add Overlay". When pressed this will create a custom function box for that overlay and create a Colour Picker for the Overlay in the Display tab.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more. Your No. Discover new auras for your everyday gaming experience. Are you looking for an specific aura? In our new "aura request" area you can ask experienced WeakAuras authors for help. Don't show this message again. Upload Sign in. Added the new things and deleted unnecessary thingsIm also using replaced Elaborated Planing, and moved the 4p in the left Changed abit the backround, so you see somthing shimmering in the backroung of the energybar when you dont have max Tracks your big three debuffs for poison spec rogue, texture behind icons lets you know when Kingsbane is up while Auto selects the chat option to enter your class hall with all 3 NPCs in Dalaran.

One More Glass, Tanks for Show more auras. Title Author Updated. Title Updated. News Are you looking for an specific aura? New features available Aura classification and categories for the Battle for Azeroth addon. Read more about the new features on Facebook.By omaJanuary 31, in General Discussion. It's tracking my Death and Decay Death Knight. Death and Decay is an area effect that stays up for 10 seconds on the ground, and the spell have a 30s cooldown. I want to track the time I have left on a Death and Decay that I applied on the ground, and use a progress bar for that.

That means, I want a Progress Bar timer that go from 10 to 0 the moment i cast Death and Decay, so I know exactly how much time i have on a DnD that i applied. My aura is working almost fine, except for one thing: the bar goes correctly from 10 to 0, but it only starts to deplete around 5, not around That means that from seconds left the bar stays full, and starting on 5s left the bars start depleting to 0. Can someone help with the coding, i want a "linear" bar that start depleting at 10, not at Hey, found this post looking to make a similar aura and figured I'd grab someone else's as a starting point.

I guess I'm late to the party. But you dont need custom triggers for a death and decay progress bar. I couldn't get the progress bar to work with the trigger i.

If you want it just simply display the DG timer then you can just delete the "Timer 2" aura and trigger 2 in the "Timer 1" aura. Please use spoiler tags here on icy veins. It makes the posts overall smaller when you link a weak aura. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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